Yair Netanyahu spends war in Florida, calls to boycott ‘evil TV channels


Yair Netanyahu, the son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has broken his silence since the start of the war in Gaza three weeks ago.

In a recent Instagram post, he urged his followers not to watch the “poisonous and malicious channels” (N12, Channels 13 and 11), but instead, to tune into Channel 14 and his Friday night program on YouTube hosted by Gadi Taub.

This is Yair Netanyahu’s first tweet in four days, with his initial tweet focusing on criticism of N12 commentator Amnon Abramowitz, who claimed that Netanyahu was strengthening Hamas. The tweet was quickly deleted due to severe online backlash.

Failure to enlist

Yair Netanyahu’s absence during Israel’s war has drawn significant attention, especially considering the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reservists and the national crisis unfolding. The British publications, “Daily Mail” and “The Times,” have featured interviews with IDF soldiers who have volunteered for the reserves, expressing their disappointment in Yair Netanyahu’s failure to enlist during this critical time.

The “Daily Mail” devoted an article to exposing Yair Netanyahu’s controversial past and criticized his decision to stay in Miami Beach since April, after being instructed by his father to cease posting inflammatory content on social media. In contrast, reservists are leaving their jobs, families, and even postponing honeymoons to defend their country.

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This week, it was revealed that the CEO of the Golan Broadcasting Corporation declined an invitation to meet with Netanyahu, referring the bureau to the news division.

It is well-known that Netanyahu has long boycotted this corporation and has actively sought to shut it down. Prior to meeting with the families of the abductees, the prime minister invited members of the top tier at N12 for what he called “security briefings.”


Additionally, the CEO of Channel 13 and the editor of Israel’s Yedioth Ahronoth, also met with Netanyahu.

According to sources, Netanyahu provided the news company heads with an overview of the war situation, coordinating expectations regarding its duration and nature, and requesting that they demonstrate responsibility.

Despite ongoing media management by Netanyahu’s camp during the war, including attempts to deflect criticism, the prime minister has yet to hold an open press conference for public questioning.

Remarkably, the major news channels continue to broadcast his statements live without placing demands for a press conference. It is speculated that Netanyahu fears questions concerning his direct responsibility for the failure leading to the outbreak of hostilities, as well as perceived operational hesitation in recent days.

Throughout the war, the prime minister’s associates have been involved in media management, while simultaneously trying to shift blame elsewhere.

Yaakov Bardugo, a political activist and Channel 14 presenter closely associated with Netanyahu, is in Tel Aviv and meets with officials on behalf of Netanyahu. Likud spokesman Guy Levy and Netanyahu family spokesman Ofer Golan, who serve as political media advisers, participate in assessments at the National Information Headquarters.

Additional spokespeople

Netanyahu has also appointed a spokesperson to communicate with military correspondents, further attempting to assign responsibility for the war to the IDF.

This appointment was made on the fourth day of the war.

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