Hawaiian Airlines introduces new Boeing 787-9

Hawaiian Airlines has introduced its new flagship aircraft, the Boeing 787-9, into service with an island-inspired cabin design, providing passengers “with an unforgettable Hawaii travel experience”. Hawaiian Airlines has introduced its new flagship aircraft, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, into service. The moment passengers step onboard, they are immersed in an island-inspired cabin design. The 34 Leihōkū […]

Aer Lingus launches new summer menu and expanded IFE

Aer Lingus – a member of IAG (a Headline Partner of the co-located FTE EMEA and FTE Ancillary & Retailing events, Dublin, 11-13 June 2024) – has launched a new summer menu and expanded its IFE library. Aer Lingus – a member of International Airlines Group (a Headline Partner of the co-located FTE EMEA and FTE […]

YESHA regional councils create ‘unified for victory’ music video

The authorities in Judea and Samaria have crafted a compelling and special unity video aimed at fortifying the Israeli spirit. With the active participation of residents from Judea and Samaria, the video underscores the profound partnership among the settlers in the battle against Hamas. It features the involvement of all council and municipality heads in […]

Timothée Chalamet faces backlash for anti-Hamas SNL skit

Despite its small geographical size, Israel plays a significant role in the Middle East and frequently captures global attention. The ongoing Swords of Iron War, initiated after the October 7 massacre, not only dominates local news but also features prominently in international media. SNL, short for “Saturday Night Live,” stands as a prestigious platform in […]

In ‘Nina & Irena,’ Holocaust survivor opens up

Daniel Lombroso sees “Nina & Irena,” his documentary short film about his grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, as a coda to his 2020 documentary “White Noise,” in which he followed leaders in the “alt-right” movement. For the four years during the making of “White Noise,” he was surrounded by neo-Nazis, who were on the cusp of […]

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