Micro-X CEO US on transforming security experience for travellers

Future Travel Experience caught up with Brian Gonzales, CEO US & Chief Scientific Officer, Micro-X, at FTE Global 2023. In this video interview, he shares how Micro-X is developing innovative technology to redesign airport security checkpoints in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as part of the ‘Screening at Speed’ programme, as […]

“Next Generation Aviation Security” Think Tank

Future Travel Experience is committed to driving positive industry change. A vital part of these efforts is our unique Think Tank projects, which bring together senior experts from across the industry to tackle key topics, co-create forward-thinking visions and address common challenges. FTE and APEX are looking to help inspire the next generation of aviation […]

‘Payback’s a motherf***er’: Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider backs the IDF 

Twister Sister singer Dee Snider was asked by TMZ how he felt about IDF soldiers using his band’s song “We’re not gonna take it” as an unofficial anthem and, in a filmed response, Snyder came out in support of the songs use and Israel’s goal to end Hamas. “You know what?” Snider asks, “The […]

YESHA regional councils create ‘unified for victory’ music video

The authorities in Judea and Samaria have crafted a compelling and special unity video aimed at fortifying the Israeli spirit. With the active participation of residents from Judea and Samaria, the video underscores the profound partnership among the settlers in the battle against Hamas. It features the involvement of all council and municipality heads […]

Timothée Chalamet faces backlash for anti-Hamas SNL skit

Despite its small geographical size, Israel plays a significant role in the Middle East and frequently captures global attention. The ongoing Swords of Iron War, initiated after the October 7 massacre, not only dominates local news but also features prominently in international media. SNL, short for “Saturday Night Live,” stands as a prestigious platform […]

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