Nathaniel Buzolic: ‘I love the Jewish people’


Propaganda has often been a weak point for Israel, as it faces aggressive pro-Palestinian propaganda that undermines its efforts and leads to negative consequences worldwide.

Social media platforms are flooded with false posts, demonstrations, and even manifestations of antisemitism and violence against Jews. With a lack of a functioning information office or ministers dealing with Israeli advocacy, citizens and celebrities have taken it upon themselves to present the Israeli perspective and garner international support. 

Alongside renowned stars like Gal Gadot and Noa Tishby, there are a few international celebrities, mainly Jews, who have been actively advocating for Israel. Comedian Amy Schumer and actor Michael Rapaport, among others, have dedicated their Instagram pages to support Israeli advocacy both online and offline.

However, one name stands out above the rest, Nathaniel Buzolic, an Australian actor who has committed himself entirely to supporting the State of Israel, even outside times of conflict.

A devout Christian

Buzolic, at 40 years old, achieved recognition through his role in “The Vampire Diaries.” Despite not having Jewish heritage, he was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, to Croatian immigrant parents.

Buzolic is a devout Christian and often discusses his faith. In a previous interview, he mentioned that he didn’t grow up in a particularly religious household but sought solace in Christianity during a challenging period at the age of 27. This journey led him to explore and apply Christian principles as he searched for the purpose of his life. 

The actor has been an ardent supporter of Israel for years, using his platform to express his support and engage in advocacy.


His Instagram account, boasting over 3 million followers, has been solely dedicated to Israeli propaganda.

Unfortunately, due to pro-Palestinian reports, his account was blocked and removed.

Undeterred, Buzolic arrived in Israel last week to continue sharing the reality of the country directly from its borders. Within just two hours of landing, he managed to capture and document the aftermath of a rocket attack in Tel Aviv. 

‘I love the Jewish people’

In an interview with Channel 13, Buzolic explained his decision to come to Israel, stating, “I wanted to send a powerful message to the people. While sharing the reality on the ground through a camera is one thing, I felt that in the era of social media, I needed to physically be here. Especially considering the efforts of many pro-Palestinian activists to distort the reality in Israel three weeks ago, I felt compelled to show the truth. There was no other choice. I love this country, I love the Jewish people.”

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