In video message to Moroccan people: Hamas could also threaten you


This time, the digital message was not in English, aiming to influence Americans or Europeans. Instead, it was a video in Arabic intended for Moroccan viewers.

Hanna Azoulay Hasfari shared her personal perspective on the October 7 massacre and underscored that Hamas poses not only a direct threat to Israel but also to Morocco and the rest of the world.

‘Greetings to my fellow Moroccans’

“On October 7, on the holy day of receiving the Torah, the terrorist organization Hamas launched an attack on Israel,” stated Hasfari in a new video. “Members of this organization breached our borders, committing heinous acts like raping women, murdering children and the elderly, desecrating their bodies, burning homes, and kidnapping over 200 people. Their actions resulted in the death of more than 1,400 people and left more than 5,000 injured. Can you even fathom the magnitude of this disaster?”

Addressing her Moroccan audience, Hasfari introduced herself, saying: “Greetings to my fellow Moroccans, the beloved people of Morocco. I am Hanna Azoulay Hasfari, an actress and filmmaker. My entire family hails from Morocco … My mother and father met in Casablanca, married, and started a beautiful family,” she shared.

She continued, “They later moved to Israel in the late 1950s, where I was born. I grew up immersed in Moroccan culture, nurtured to love Morocco. During the morning prayers, when my mother blessed her children and the people of Israel, she also extended her blessings to the King of Morocco, Mohammed V, wishing him health and longevity.

“As I pursued my career in acting and filmmaking, Moroccan culture remained at the core of my work. Through my numerous visits to Morocco, I recognized the enduring connection between the Jewish and Moroccan peoples, for better or worse.”


‘Now it’s your turn’

Hasfari reminisced, “When the Moroccan national soccer team participated in the World Cup, it was the only time I became enthusiastic about football. During the earthquake, I was elated that Israel extended assistance. My heart was with all of you.”

She then turned her attention to her Moroccan compatriots, saying, “Now it’s your turn, my Moroccan brothers and sisters. I, too, advocate for a two-state solution for two peoples, and I’ve dedicated my life to this just cause. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that Hamas is an extremist organization waging a religious war, and it does not serve the Palestinian people. With the support of Iran, it governs Gaza, rejects any peace initiatives, and perpetuates suffering there.”

Hasfari concluded with a solemn warning, “Hamas is even more extreme than ISIS. Those who have witnessed their actions through films and testimonials, like I have, can hardly sleep at night. We will prevail because we have a strong army and a resilient people, but I implore you, just as the Nazis and ISIS once affected you, Hamas, God forbid, could also threaten you. Please, do not support this organization. May God protect us all. Amen.”

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