Oryha produces new song in honor of fallen soldiers and police officers


The conflict in the south has entered its third week, and as Israel grapples with the devastating surprise attack, artists across the country are responding through their art.

Notably, singer Atara Oryha has released a poignant song dedicated to the memory of the brave police officers and border guard soldiers who laid down their lives protecting the southern settlements.

Oryha is known for her remarkable and distinctive work, particularly her hit song “Umbrella Child.” She first gained widespread recognition when she appeared on the television show “The Next Star for Eurovision,” and since then, she has continued to craft her unique artistic identity, writing her own lyrics and melodies based on her accumulated life experiences.

New song: ‘Forever’

This week, the singer has unveiled “Forever,” a song and music video specially created in collaboration with the Israel Police to honor the valor of the police officers and soldiers who acted as an unyielding shield, defending the communities surrounding Gaza and the southern cities. T

he musical production was masterminded by Ivri Lider and Ariel Tuchman.


The Jerusalem Post and OneFamily are working together to help support the victims of the Hamas massacre and the soldiers of Israel who have been drafted to ensure that it never happens again. 

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