15 Actors Who Made The Leap From TV Shows To Film


How his character was written off the show: Kim Hyde chose Kit Hunter, who was pregnant with his child, over his wife Rachel Armstrong, who formerly forgave him for cheating on her with Kit, then had an affair of her own. Kim ultimately decided to move to the city to be with Kit and their baby Archie.

How his career turned out: After Star Trek, Chris played a small role in A Perfect Getaway and a main role in Ca$h. In 2011, he booked the part that brought him to international stardom — the titular role in Thor. 

However, his stint on the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars  (which he competed in as a Home and Away star) nearly cost him the role of Thor because the higher-ups at Marvel thought fans would “eat [them] alive” if they saw his dancing videos.

He’s continued to balance his role in the MCU along with other films such as Snow White and the Huntsman and Men in Black: International.

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