German city deletes pro-Hamas group from website after ‘Post’ query


The northern German city of Bremen deleted the entry of the reportedly pro-Hamas group “Bremer Peace Forum” (Bremer Friedensforum) because the group allegedly seeks the destruction of Israel.

Christoph Sonnenberg, a spokesman for the city of Bremen, responded to a Jerusalem Post press query on Monday, stating “We have looked at the contents of the page ‘Bremer Friedensforum’ and have come to the conclusion to immediately terminate the link to the page of ‘’ Israel’s right to exist is inviolable for the Bremen Senate.” 

The Bremen journalist Dr. Marcus Ermler first exposed the antisemitic activities of the pro-BDS “Bremer Friedensforum” group last week on the pro-Israel website The Axis of Good (Die Achse des Guten).

Will the German city of Stuttgart cut links to a Hamas-linked group?

The Post sent new press queries to the city of Stuttgart and its mayor Frank Nopper who continue to allow a Hamas-linked group called the Palestinian Committee Stuttgart to provide information on the municipal website.

Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Amir Avivi, founder and CEO of IDSF (Israel’s Defense and Security Forum), told the Post after the outbreak of the war that Stuttgart’s mayor Frank Nopper should “delete” the posting of the Palestine Committee Stuttgart on its municipal website. “Terrorists use it” and “This is a tool of war and a tool of terror” he said, with respect to Stuttgart’s enabling of the Palestine Committee Stuttgart.

An Israeli flag flutters next to a German and a EU flag, one day after Hamas’ attacks on Israel, outside the Reichstag building in Berlin, Germany, October 8, 2023. (credit: REUTERS/Liesa Johannssen)

The Palestine Committee Stuttgart posting on the city website provides links to its website, Facebook page and email of the group. Palestine Committee Stuttgart zealously supports the Israel-designated terrorist entity Samidoun on its website. The Palestine Committee Stuttgart is defined as a “Cultural institution” on the city’s homepage.

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