Mother Reacts To Harsh Backlash After Cutting Teen’s Hair Online


One mother’s form of disciplining her teen daughter is not going over well on social media–and she could care less. But the backlash to her method was so intense that the mother later employed the teen in an “I’m not a victim” video and published a few explainer clips. All of which only fueled accusations of abuse and jealousy.

It all started with a TikTok video of the girl’s punishment–a big chop. The initial footage shows the mother on-camera explaining that her kid “thinks it’s more important to be pretty than educated, more important to be a follow body than a leader.” 

Afterward, the mother propped up the camera while explaining that she’s “not a parent that likes to use physical discipline.” 

The teen was rocking large box braids with red-ish roots at the time. She tells her daughter, “come here, you’re going to learn today,” and proceeds to yank the girl by a front braid. The mother cuts the braid off, leaving small scraps of the teen’s natural hair. When the teen objected with a “mom,” the lady went off.

“Don’t mom me, no. You had your warning, you had your chance. I told you to listen, I told you stop disobeying my rules. I told you being cute ain’t sh*t if you have no education. I told you stop disobeying me, I told to listen and do as you’re supposed to, I told you to do good in school, I told you to do your daily routine,” the mother said. “And you’re yet to do any of it, and you thought you were disobeying me today, and I was not coming to cut this hair off. You’re sadly mistaken because you thought being pretty was so much better than being educated or listening to your mom right.”

As she ranted, the grown-up snipped off the teen’s hair one braid at a time. Meanwhile, the teen stood there, sneaking shocked looks at the recording camera. Finally, when the mother finished the botched big chop, she shoved the teen’s head toward the camera. She said, “yes, this is what happens when you don’t listen to your mom.” 

Mother Has Daughter Explain Why She’s ‘Not A Victim’ Then Presents Her With A Wig

Almost immediately, people online started weighing in on the mother’s decision. While some agreed with her method, others slammed it. Neither swayed the woman into reconsidering her discipline method. Instead, she filmed another video with her daughter on the same day as the big chop.

In the follow-up, the mother stands partially off-camera while the daughter and her butchered chop are in full view. She begins by asking her daughter questions, including whether she feels traumatized or abused. With a straight face and calm tone, the teen responded “no” to each question. Then, the mother asked if the big chop was a “better form of discipline” than physical discipline, and the teen responded, “yes.” 

Afterward, the mother reminded the teen that she loves her and enforced the punishment to “make [the teen] a better person.” Then, she runs down a how-many-times list, trying to point out that she’s allegedly been having ongoing issues with the teen.

“I didn’t embarrass you, you embarrassed yourself, right,” the woman asked.

And the videos didn’t stop there–she shared more footage questioning the daughter, explaining their bond, and ultimately, presenting her daughter with a lengthy wig. The daughter appears happy as she tries on the wig while agreeing with her mother’s line of questioning.

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Woman Justifies Why She Chopped Her Daughter’s Hair Off

The videos started to gain traction last week. About two days ago, the mother gave another series of updates. This time, she slammed critics for their commentary, particularly women in the sex work industry.

“If you’re a prostitute, if you’re a stripper, if you’re an OnlyFans girl or a TikToking, Instagram ‘doing it for show,’ you could never give me advice on parenting because your parents already screwed up a long time ago,” the mother said.

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In another video, she declared that she could “care less” about the comments, likes, and views. She claimed the big chop threat was lingering for a year but that her daughter didn’t believe her, and she didn’t believe herself. So finally, she said, she stood on her word. She also denied accusations that she feels jealous of her teen daughter.

 “After exhausting so many different types of discipline, writing lines, grounding, and taking away, doing all of that, it doesn’t matter,” the mother said. “When I ask her not to go on the apps, she makes a new one and continues her badness, and does what she wants to do. I’m not going to sit here and explain to you guys what really happened cause I’m not here to embarrass my daughter. I’m here to teach my daughter.”

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Social Media Reacts To Mother Cutting Off Her Daughter’s Hair

Meanwhile, the innanet doesn’t seem to think the mother is teaching her daughter much–if anything. Keep scrolling to see the chatter surrounding the mother’s actions:

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