The Highest Paying Jobs in 2023


When you’re looking to start a new career, what are the factors you should take into consideration?

First of all, the career should be something you’re passionate about. Second, it should be able to provide you with the lifestyle you want to live. That could mean work-life balance, career advancement opportunities and, of course, enough money to support your dreams.

That doesn’t mean an entry-level position is going to make you six-figures this year. But you should look at the earning potential of each possible career and what it would take to reach your ideal salary.

We’ll outline some of the highest-paying jobs in 2023, plus how to leverage job sites like ZipRecruiter to find openings.

How to Prepare For a High-Paying Job

The Bureau of Labor Statistics releases a study every year about the highest-paying jobs, including wage estimates, number of job openings, on-the-job training programs and what it takes to land a job in one of these highest-paying occupations.

If you want one of the highest-paying careers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics study shows that many of them require additional schooling and certifications. But not every high-paying career is only available to people with an advanced degree.

For example, the highest paying job in America is a cardiologist — making an average salary of $350,000 per year — but it requires more than a decade of medical school, internships and residencies before you can make that much. Not to mention, you’ll have to pay back those student loans. But with a master’s degree, you can still enter the medical field as a nurse practitioner and make over $100,000.

With only a bachelor’s degree, you could start a career in marketing and work your way up. Marketing managers can make a median salary of $140,000 per year. In the Bureau of Labor Statistics section on how to become a marketing manager, it says that many people currently in these roles were former sales representatives.

Sales representatives, no matter the industry, can start at an entry level position with zero experience. Most companies will offer additional training, giving their sales reps in-depth knowledge about the company’s product and how to best sell it to customers. By gaining experience as a sales representative, people can build their careers into sales managers, marketing managers and even C-level executives.

But not all high-paying jobs require a degree or formal training. Especially these days, self-taught coders and software engineers can land a job working at technology companies without ever stepping foot in a university or completing a formal education. And not only are these positions in high demand for employers, but you can also start off making an average salary of more than $100,000, if you land at the right company and have the skills needed. No need to take the bar exam or step into an operating room.

The Highest-Paying Jobs in the U.S. 2023

Don’t know where to start? These are the highest-paying jobs in America, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

The Highest-Paying Jobs in the U.S. 2023

Job Average Salary Degree Required On the Job Training
Psychiatrists $208,000 Doctoral Internship and Residency
Obstetricians and Gynecologist $208,000 Doctoral Internship and Residency
Surgeons $208,000 Doctoral Internship and Residency
General Internal Medicine Physicians $208,000 Doctoral Internship and Residency
Anesthesiologist $208,000 Doctoral Internship and Residency
Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon $208,000 Doctoral Internship and Residency
Orthodontists $208,000 Doctoral Internship and Residency
Prosthodontists $208,000 Doctoral Internship and Residency
Family Medicine Physicians $208,000 Doctoral Internship and Residency
Chief Executives $185,000 Usually a Bachelors No
Nurse Anesthetists $184,000 Masters No
Dentists $183,000 Doctoral Residency/certifications
Pediatricians $177,000 Doctoral Internship and Residency
Airline Pilots, Co-Pilots and Flight Engineers $161,000 Bachelors Yes
Computer and Informations System Managers $150,000 Bachelors/Graduates No
Architectural and Engineering Managers $150,000 Bachelors/Graduates No
Marketing Managers $140,000 Bachelor’s No
Petroleum Engineer $138,000 Bachelor’s No
Financial Manager $134,000 Bachelor’s No
Podiatrist $134,000 Doctoral Residency and Fellowship
Sales Manager $132,000 Bachelor’s No
Pharmacist $128,000 Doctoral No
Lawyers $127,000 Doctoral No
Political Scientists $125,000 Master’s No
Judges $124,000 Doctoral Short-term
Optometrists $118,000 Doctoral Clinical Work
Actuaries $111,000 Masters No
Business Operations Managers $103,000 Bachelor’s No
Financial Advisor $89,000 Bachelor’s No

How to Find High-Paying Jobs

There are plenty of ways to find a job, but how can you find the highest-paying jobs? A lot of companies don’t list the average salary range on their job postings, so it can be difficult to know if it’s worth your time. If you need to make at least $75,000 a year, but you don’t find out the pay is $55,000 until you get an offer, you could be wasting weeks or months.

So first things first, do your research. Learn what positions have high earning potential and what industries dole out bigger paychecks. Some industries with the highest-paying jobs include healthcare, engineering, information technology, finance, energy and legal.

Next, use a website like ZipRecruiter to search for high-paying jobs in your area. Not only can you use their search bar to find jobs by keyword or job title, you can also filter by average salary range (and by several other filters, too).

ZipRecruiter makes it easy to find and apply for jobs that will help you reach your earning potential. By using the website for your job search, you’ll have access to real salary data from millions of active job postings. You’ll be able to see real salaries from more than 35,000 job titles — from computer science to human resources— giving you the confidence to negotiate fair pay for yourself.

Transparency about salaries is… not exactly a strong suit for most employers. But with ZipRecruiter’s help, you can find, apply for and negotiate a higher-paying job for yourself. 71% of job seekers earned a higher salary when they found a job on ZipRecruiter.

It’s totally free to use and only takes a minute to sign up for an account.

How to Prepare for a High-Paying Job

In order to increase your value to employers, there are many things you need to do to show off why you’re worth a high salary. It’s not just having education and experience, but also establishing yourself as an expert and making yourself more desirable to companies.

  1. Grow your skill set. This can be done by taking online courses or taking on cross-departmental projects at your current job. The more skills you have, the more desirable you may be to potential high-paying employers.
  2. Set yourself up to be a leader. There’s no doubt that being in a supervisory position will earn you more money, no matter your job or industry. So even if you’re not a manager yet, you could offer to mentor an entry-level employee and attend management training seminars.
  3. Get noticed. Just because you’re not Gary Vaynerchuk doesn’t mean you can’t make a name for yourself. By posting about your expertise often on social media, including LinkedIn and TikTok, you can establish credibility and get noticed. This can set you up to become an expert in your field.

Additionally, if you have some available cash, hiring a career coach can help you land a higher-paying role. The average price is around $75/hour.

If not? Network, network, network. You never know who can introduce you to a hiring manager and give you a glowing reference. Plus, you can connect with higher-ups in your network for free advice (or at least the price of a coffee) to help you navigate your path to a higher paying position.

The Future of High-Paying Jobs

While there will always be high-paying jobs associated with high levels of education — doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. — the future of well-paid employees is seeing a trend toward self-taught skills and social expertise.

Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and a decade in school can help ensure a good salary, but the future of high-paying employment is seeing people ascend the ranks without ever having stepped foot in a masters program. Many are even self-taught or have taken advantage of what the internet has to offer, in terms of training.

So are you ready to change your future and pursue a high-paying career? Start your search for that next high-salary position on ZipRecruiter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What job makes $100,000 a year?

There are many jobs that pay over $100,000 annually, many of which require only a bachelor’s degree. Some of these jobs include lawyers ($127k on average), financial managers ($134k), marketing managers ($140k), sales managers ($132k).

You can find a more expansive list of job payments over $100k, in the table above.

Where can I find high-paying jobs?

You can find high-paying jobs on most online job boards.Some job boards cater to specific industries or certain types of work. But for the most popular job boards, you can find high-paying jobs in almost any industry.

What jobs pay the most without a degree?

Some of the best paying jobs that don’t require a college degree are police detectives, airline pilots, physical therapy assistants and distribution managers.

There are many great-paying jobs that you can obtain with just a year or two of trade school and on-the-job training. Here is how you can find some of the best-paying trade jobs.

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