‘Meat stations’: the surprising meat initiative coming to Israel


Itzik the Great (Itzik Luzon), never ceases to surprise and brings to Israel the “Meat Station” – a machine for selling frozen meat. So when did the project start, what exactly will it sell, and in what distribution?

You can say a lot about the meat empire of Itzik the Great, you can love it and you can not, you can complain about the prices and you can praise that he broke new ground in everything related to skewers, but above all you can’t take away from him the fact that he never stops initiating and innovating.

Introducing the “Meat Station” – a machine for selling frozen meat straight from the butcher’s slaughterhouse and the Itzik’s factory from Jaffa.

This is the first time that there are machines of this type in Israel and we are also among the few in the world that have such machines.

The “Meat Station” is the project of Ben Assolin, the business partner of Itzik Luzon who sought to bring the restaurant meat experience they serve to the table of the private consumer easily and efficiently, without looking for a butcher near the house. “We have come up with a revolutionary idea that will allow a cook or a barbecue to purchase our products every day and every hour.”

Butcher in Jerusalem ahead of Independence Day. (credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST)

“Meat station” location

The machines will be located throughout the country, in shopping malls and gas stations, with the goal being to quickly reach about 50 locations.

The machines will offer a variety of types of frozen meat that is vacuum packed using a special method. Each machine is equipped with special temperature sensors and linked to a sophisticated system that warns of any change.

Among the cuts that will be offered: the famous (and really, really delicious) kebab of “Itzik the Great”, which combines wagyu meat and lamb fat (NIS 63 for 8 pieces); Wagyu hamburger (NIS 54 for 2 units); Beef fillet rings (NIS 96 for 4 units); butcher’s cut Yakitori skewers (NIS 87 for 5 skewers), minute wagyu rump steak (NIS 79), ground meat for Bolognese or for any purpose (NIS 49 for 500 grams), and more. Of course, all packages have an expiration date.

The first store will be located in Dizengoff in Tel Aviv (24 hours a day) and in a few days, one will be located in the Ayalon Mall, 2nd floor, food court (depending on the operating hours of the mall).

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