Gal Gadot: ‘My desire is to promote Israel globally’


Media personality Ofira Asayag criticized the globally acclaimed Israeli actress, Gal Gadot, for a now-deleted Instagram story where she condemned the loss of innocent lives on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In response, Gadot sought to address the situation and clarify that her words had been misconstrued.

In her posted story, the actress expressed, “Ofira, my love, I’m sorry if my words were not understood as I intended. All I want is to represent Israel on the global stage, shedding light on the hardships we are facing and garnering international support against our critics. I will continue to do everything in my power to voice Israel’s plea from every corner. My heart aches, and my soul is heavy with grief for the ongoing events. But I have no doubt that our people will endure. Am Yisrael Chai.”

‘We are all Jews’

Asayag replied, “Gal, we’ve been proud of you for all these years. In this critical moment, we want you to stand with us, not apart from us. Your strength is invaluable, and we are going through a trying time. Be by our side.”

She added, “Above all, let’s remember, we are all Jews. We are one people, and we have no other homeland.”

Earlier, Asayag had criticized Gadot on her Instagram, saying, “Gal Gadot, you wrote and then deleted! That’s a good thing. I’ve refrained from responding to you multiple times because I understand your concern for your career and livelihood. But this time, you’ve crossed a line. Come to the frontlines to witness the tragedy of innocent lives lost, young girls, fallen soldiers, and grieving families. Our enemies harbor hatred for Israel. And you? It’s best for all of us to remain silent. You live in a Hollywood movie, switching your Israeli identity on and off at will. Chart a course, please.”

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