Emily Blunt Clarifies Tom Cruise Edge Of Tomorrow Quote


Over the weekend, some quotes circulated from a recent interview that Emily did with the Smartless podcast about making the 2014 action film.

While recalling the massively heavy robotic suits her and Tom had to wear for the film, Emily claimed that her co-star called her a “pussy” after she started crying from the extra weight.

“He just stared at me for a long time, not knowing what to do, and he goes, ‘Come on, stop being such a pussy, OK?'” she said. “I did laugh, and then we got through it.”

Obviously, reading that quote out loud — it sounds kind of harsh, right? Well, Emily is clearing the air about any misconceptions regarding her anecdote.

In a statement given to E! News, Emily claimed that her anecdote was “taken literally and absurdly out of context.”

“It’s ludicrous that it’s being spun as something that offended me,” she said in the statement. “It didn’t. I shared the story as lightheartedly as it was meant by Tom.”

“I absolutely adore Tom, he’s a dear friend and he was a total gem to me,” she continued. “It was said as a joke to make me laugh, which it did in a big way. And it’s still something we laugh about to this day.”

There you have it — and if you want to listen to the entire interview with Emily, head here.

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