Soldier who played for Ofakim survivors gets scholarship to Rimon


Israeli soldier Osher Beniso, who gained fame for her viral singing video with David Broza in the south, has been awarded a scholarship worth NIS 30,000 per year for three years of study at Rimon Music School, all thanks to Broza’s recommendation.

During his visit to the southern region to boost the spirits of both soldiers and residents, Broza had a chance encounter the female soldier Ofakim. She expressed her love for singing. Broza spontaneously joined her for a rendition of Carole King’s “You’ve Got A Friend,” which they later posted online.

The video quickly went viral and touched the hearts of many. The very next day, Beniso received the exciting news that she had earned a scholarship to attend Rimon Music School.

‘A story out of a fairy tale’

Describing the incredible turn of events, Yehuda Eder of Rimon School of Music said: “It’s a story straight out of a fairy tale! David sent me a one-minute clip, and I was absolutely captivated. I shared it on my Facebook, and it garnered over a thousand shares. The video exploded, gaining worldwide attention, all thanks to David’s one-minute performance.

“That’s show business for you; you work tirelessly, and then a chance encounter in Ofakim takes you to new heights. David has a close connection with Rimon and generously offered to bring Osher to us. I eagerly accepted and had two conversations with Osher.

“Due to her current commitments, she won’t be able to join the upcoming school year, but we’ll develop a plan to get her ready in subjects like music theory. We’re scheduled to open Rimon on November 5th, and we’re prepared for any scenario, including offering Zoom workshops.”

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