Citrusy Raspberry-Filled Snack Cakes : Jaffa Cakes Raspberry

The Jaffa Cakes Raspberry snack cakes are being added to the product portfolio by pladis to provide consumers with a fruit-forward option that doesn’t skimp on sweetness or texture. The product is crafted with the brand’s signature light sponge cake along orange jelly and chocolate topping, and comes filled with raspberry in the middle for an added touch of fruit-forward sweetness. Arriving in the UK, the cakes are slated to come in packs of 10 for £1.25 to make them a cost-effective treat when they start being stocked at Asa locations this month.

Brand Manager for McVitie’s at Plaids UK&I Alice Jamieson spoke on the Jaffa Cakes Raspberry snack cakes saying, “Our McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes are already a firm favourite in over a quarter of Brits’ biscuit tins, but we’ve got our sights set even higher. And, we already know that introducing interesting new flavour combinations is the ticket to bringing in a new cohort of Jaffanatics.”

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