Zoey Deutch Something From Tiffany’s Interview


THEN: One of my favorite movies is The Year of Spectacular Men, which was written by your sister Madelyn Deutch, directed by your mom Lea Thompson, and you also starred and produced it. What was it like taking those real-life relationships and putting them on screen?

Zoey Deutch: Yeah, that was an amazing experience to get to make a movie all together, for so many different reasons. But it’s so crazy that we did it, actually. It’s not our relationship by any means at all. I think the sense of humor and the chemistry we have is obviously because we’re sisters and best friends. But those relationships are not the same. So that was fun, because we were playing real characters. It was my first experience and foray into producing too, so it opened up a lot of doors for me and it was really fulfilling to get to make something together. I think also for my mom, who’s been an actress for 35 years, to get to feel like she was creating something from the ground up and directing and being in control and creating this piece of art. Instead of just being like [a job she was] placed into, I think it was very powerful and special for her too. So, that’s cool.

BuzzFeed: It must’ve been such an interesting experience to be directed by your mom. 

Zoey: I guess to me, it wasn’t that different because she’s helped me in every way along my journey as an actress. I am forever grateful and indebted to her.  Every audition I went to for the first five years, I ran it with her and ran it with her and ran it with her. So, I had experience with her directing me.

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