Whimsical Jelly-Style Eyewear : gentle monster 5

Gentle Monster is enhancing eyewear fashion with the introduction of its avant-garde ‘GENTLE JELLY’ collection. Unveiling a variety of Y2K-inspired, whimsical styles, the eyewear line features captivating ‘jelly’ details, sleek wrap-around silhouettes, and an expanded array of colorways that further define Gentle Monster’s groundbreaking design ethos.

The launch, scheduled for January 19, is marked by immersive pop-up experiences in Seoul and Beijing, transforming spaces into surreal environments. Consumers will be able to view several giant jelly pouch sculptures adorned with assorted jellies cascading, while whimsical jelly creatures sport the latest GENTLE JELLY frames.

The collection can be purchased online through the Gentle Monster website. Notably, press release packaging for these styles saw the glasses wrapped in unique jelly pouches that resemble gummies.

Image Credit: Gentle Monster

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