WhatsApp to roll out secret code to Chat Lock for added privacy


WhatsApp on Thursday announced an update to its Chat Lock feature, providing an extra layer of privacy for selected chats. Users can now set a unique secret code, separate from their phone’s unlock password, to secure locked chats in situations where their phone is accessed by others or shared.

Additionally, WhatsApp will introduce the option to hide the “Locked Chats” folder from the chat list, making it only discoverable by entering the secret code in the search bar, which also accepts emoji input.

For users who prefer to maintain the visibility of locked chats in the chat list, this option can still be chosen. Simply pressing and holding the desired chat will initiate the locking process, rather than accessing the chat settings menu.

WhatsApp promises to roll out more privacy protection functions

“We’re so happy our community has been loving Chat Lock, and hope that secret code makes it even more useful to them,” shared the official WhatsApp blog. “Secret code starts rolling out today, and in the coming months will be available globally. We’re excited to keep bringing more functions to Chat Lock to help people protect their privacy, let us know what you think.”

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