WhatsApp introduces one-time voice messages


Last week, a leaked voice message from network anchor Adel Bespalov’s private WhatsApp conversation caused a social media frenzy. 

Addressing this issue, WhatsApp has introduced one-time voice messages – messages that can only be heard once. This feature was initially discovered by WABetainfo in March 2023. In 2021, WhatsApp had already launched the “one-time view” feature for photos and videos, aiming to add an extra layer of privacy to messages.

One-time voice messages: Uses

“Now you can confidently share sensitive information in voice messages, be it reading out credit card details to a friend or planning a surprise,” stated the official WhatsApp blog.

“To align with the one-time viewing feature for photos and videos, one-time audio messages are clearly indicated with a ‘one-time’ icon and can only be played once.”

This new feature will gradually roll out to all Android and iOS users.

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