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Frame AI glasses are like a smart pair of glasses that come packed with AI features.

Whether you’re wearing them casually or using them for work, Brilliant Labs Frame is ready for anything.

With a high-quality, colorful microLED display and a special prism, Frame can show helpful information right in front of your eyes. It also has a camera and listens to your voice commands through the Noa app, so you can easily get info on things like landmarks, translations, and web searches.

Frame AI Glasses (2)

It is made to fit most people comfortably. It’s lightweight, just under 40g, and the battery lasts all day with Mister Power (included). The display is clear and covers a wide area without blocking your vision.

The Frame is open source, so you can check out the design and code on GitHub.

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Available at Brilliant Labs for $349.00


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