Water-Resistant Hooded Jackets : Intuitive Machines’ Lunar Launch

Columbia Sportswear has taken a giant leap by collaborating with Intuitive Machines, integrating its cutting-edge Omni-Heat™ Infinity textile into the Nova-C lunar lander, slated for launch on February 14th.

This partnership marks a historic moment, as it could result in the first lunar lander to touch the Moon’s surface in over 50 years. The gold metallic foil of Omni-Heat Infinity, renowned for its heat-reflective capabilities, was chosen to shield the lander against the extreme temperatures of space, demonstrating the material’s versatility and effectiveness beyond Earth. Inspired by this space-age technology, Columbia has developed the Arch Wall Rock Double Wall Elite Jacket, leveraging the same Omni-Heat Infinity fabric to offer unparalleled warmth and breathability.

This lightweight, water-resistant jacket is designed to defy the cold, featuring Columbia’s most advanced thermal-reflective lining, Double Wall™ Elite construction for enhanced insulation, and practical details like zippered pockets and an adjustable hem for a seamless outdoor experience.

Image Credit: Columbia

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