Value-Sized Free Range Eggs : Happy Egg Co.

The Happy Egg Co. has announced the launch of 18-count cartons for its Free Range eggs to help consumers keep enough of the high-quality product on hand for families and more to enjoy. The larger carton options will come in both Free Range and Organic Free Range varieties, which are each characterized by their farm-fresh flavor with six-grams of protein in each serving. The eggs are sourced from family-owned farms in the Ozarks and the Midwest where the chickens have year-round access to the outdoors where they can enjoy 10-times more space when compared to other free range farms.

Vice President of Marketing Whitney Fortin spoke on the new 18-count cartons from the Happy Egg Co. saying, “For the many people who eat our high-quality, Free Range eggs for breakfast daily, are feeding a large family, or cooking brunch for guests, our new 18-count cartons are an ideal choice. The question now is, will one and a half dozen be enough?”

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