Too $hort Honored With Street Dedication In Oakland


The city of Oakland, California, recently paid tribute to one of the Bay Area’s powerhouse rap stars: Too $hort!

Specifically, $hort was honored with a street dedication ceremony, as well as his very own holiday in his hometown.

December 10 Is Now ‘Too $hort Day’

Libby Schaaf—the mayor of Oakland—officially ushered in the first “Too $hort Day,” which will be celebrated annually on Dec. 10. According to TMZ, The ceremony went down at Fremont High School, where the “Gettin’ It” rapper graduated from back in 1984.

While accepting the honor, $hort praised the city and spoke on how, while his early years were spent down in Los Angeles, Oakland is truly what made him who he is.

“The only thing that inspired me to become the rapper I was, that I am, is Oakland, California.”

Later, while chatting with TMZ about the noteworthy honor, the artist kept it cool and said it’s “the pay off for hard work.”

“I’m a hard worker, so, for me, those moments of celebrating and being given your flowers and stuff, it’s kind of the pay off for hard work. I work hard all the time. no matter how much you may see me or hear me or not see me or not hear me, I’m always working. Always been that way.”

He went on to say, “I just think that overachievers [are] supposed to excel. We’re supposed to get streets named after us.” So, while he’s grateful that Oakland now officially has a street called “Too $hort Way,” he’s letting it be known that he worked for it!

$hort also acknowledged the tribute on Instagram, as he succinctly noted, “Dec 10th is officially 2Short Day. Love U Oakland.” 

Missy Elliott Received A Similar Honor In Her Hampton Roads Hometown

While on the subject, we should add that another rap superstar was recently honored with a street dedication over in Virginia.

Back in September, Portsmouth paid tribute to Missy Elliott by naming a street after her, as The Shade Room previously reported.

While acknowledging the unveiling of “Missy Elliott Boulevard,” the “Work It” rapper warmly noted, “I am so HUMBLY GRATEFUL to be from P-TOWN.”

Shoutout to Too $hort, and we’re glad to see his hometown give him his flowers!

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