Three-Day Wellness Programs : Reset Program

Remedy Organics boasts the Remedy Reset Program, which is a three-day wellness program created by Holistic Nutritionist Cindy Kasindorf. This experience is designed to reset the body from the inside out.

The Remedy Reset Program includes 18 12-ounce wellness shakes in six different flavors, including Matcha Fuel, Cacao Essentials, Blue Essentials, Berry Immunity, Golden Mind, and Super Chai Fuel. The shakes are presented as a versatile component that can serve as a meal replacement, pre or post-workout beverage, or a nutrient-dense snack. Additionally, the Remedy Reset Program incorporates 12 two-ounce Immunity+ shots— Protect, Heal, Energize, and Digest.

In order to enhance the consumer experience, Remedy Organics and Cindy Kasindorf have included an Exclusive Remedy Organics Mindfulness Journal to help individuals set intentions and track their journey, as well as a detailed step-by-step guide for the program.

Image Credit: Remedy Organics

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