EU and World Bank publish 3 new reports on smart investments in disaster resilience in Europe

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On 15 May 2024, the European Commission, assisted by the World Bank, published 3 new reports on how to invest in disaster resilience, the cost of adaptation strategies and the financial impact of wildfires and droughts.

The European Commission financed the work carried out by the World Bank to prepare the studies.

The first report gives decision-makers and practitioners guidance and examples on how to make focused and smart investments to improve the disaster and climate resilience of vital sectors. This includes those that provide emergency-response services. The report shows that critical infrastructure is exposed to multiple hazards including flooding, wildfire, earthquake, and landslides. In its recommendations, the report suggests prioritising investments in critical infrastructure and services.

The second report provides fresh perspectives on the costs a country incurs to adapt to the impacts of climate change. It urges Europe to scale up investments in climate adaptation.

The third report focuses on the financial impact of wildfires and droughts. It also provides a preliminary indication of the funding gap faced by the EU and certain EU Member States between the available finances and the required funds.

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