Seasoned Beef Snack Crisps : Jacob’s Crinklys Chilli Beef

The Jacob’s Crinklys Chilli Beef snack crisps are hitting store shelves in the UK this month to provide consumers with a deliciously beefy snack to enjoy this spring. The snack crisps are crafted with the brand’s signature Crinklys recipe that features an oven baked format that isn’t fried to achieve a crispy texture without the associate fat and calories. The snack’s namesake Chilli Beef flavor is expected to be a hit amongst consumers looking to surprise and delight guests during the entertaining season this year.

Marketing Director at pladis UK&I Asli Akman commented on the Jacob’s Crinklys Chilli Beef snack crisps saying, “Jacob’s has been baking some of nation’s favourite savoury snacks for over 170 years, but we’re no strangers to deviating from tradition and experimenting with trend-led innovation. In fact, we’ve got a track record of reeling in younger snackers with exciting flavours and new formats. Now, with Jacob’s Crinklys Chilli Beef, we’re encouraging snacking shoppers to branch out and discover a tasty take on our much-loved savoury ridges.

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