Seasonal Caribbean Shrimp Bowls : Caribbean Shrimp Bowl

Just Salad is ushering in summer 2024 with the debut of its new Caribbean Shrimp Bowl.

Perfect for the hot summer days ahead, Just Salad’s 2024 summer menu is bursting with fresh flavors and seasonal ingredients. One of the star dishes is the new Caribbean Shrimp Bowl, which features domestic, Wild-Caught Gulf Shrimp from Tommy’s Seafood – a brand that shares Just Salad’s responsible sourcing mission. The Caribbean Shrimp Bowl also features pickled red cabbage and a spicy pineapple vinaigrette that delivers the tropical taste of the Caribbean. As Jhonny Castro, Culinary Director at Just Salad, explains, ” “Adding shrimp to our seasonal offerings allowed us to enhance our menu with a seafood-centric protein that’s both versatile and cherished, as well as explore new and exciting flavor combinations within our existing culinary categories.”

In addition to the new Caribbean Shrimp Bowl, Just Salad’s summer 2024 menu also includes the new Honey Crispy Chicken Salad, Parm Crunch Salad, and Backyard BBQ Salad.

Image Credit: Just Salad

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