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Searider Searacer Electric Watercraft


Searacer Electric Watercraft with its unique futurist racing design, for performance enthusiast riders, is inspired by the moto sports industry.

Searider creates cutting-edge technology that includes industry-standard safety features, making their products user-friendly.

Searider Searacer Electric WatercraftSearider

“Our goal is to provide the ultimate experience with top-notch performance, innovation, and excitement, your safety is our top priority.”

Searider Searacer Electric WatercraftSearider

The Searacer can reach impressive 50-minute autonomy and a thrilling maximum speed of 77 km/h. Perfect for riders who crave excitement and speed, this model weighs only 65 kg while delivering precise handling and exceptional performance on the water.

Searider Searacer Electric WatercraftSearider

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