Naughty Holiday Campaigns : Diesel’s XXXMas

Diesel’s XXXMas campaign is revolutionizing the holiday season with a bold departure inspired by ’90s porn aesthetics.

Creative director Glenn Martens orchestrated a retro, sex-positive campaign that celebrates irreverence, inclusivity, and self-expression. The campaign, teased on Instagram, features “authentic models” from the sex industry, challenging beauty norms and reinforcing Diesel’s commitment to pushing boundaries.

Following the success of “Find the D,” this holiday collection maintains Diesel’s playful and sex-positive ethos, promising bold styles that mirror the campaign’s provocative concept. Diesel’s XXXMas campaign signifies a move towards provocative and boundary-pushing fashion themes, catering to a growing demand for inclusivity and authenticity.

This campaign spotlights pieces from the brand’s holiday collection in a memorable, eye-catching, and original way.

Image Credit: Diesel, hypebae, uk.diesel

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