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Roshel Smart Armored Vehicles, a company that is based in the Canadian city of Mississauga and has established itself as one of the biggest manufacturers of smart armored vehicles in North America, has taken advantage of the CANSEC trade show in Ottawa to introduce the ‘Senator MRAP,’ a mine-resistant armored vehicle designed for the rigors of modern combat.

The ‘Senator MRAP’ is fitted with several layers of bullet-proof glass, heavily armored doors and mine-protected seats. Aside from these defense-oriented features, this vehicle also has a rooftop-mounted turret that can be used in conjunction with anti-tank missiles, grenade launchers or machine guns.

Roman Shimonov, CEO at Roshel Smart Armored Vehicles, noted that the advent of the ‘Senator MRAP’ is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to go about adapting to the ever-changing requirements of military and security forces. “The Senator MRAP combines cutting-edge technology, superior blast and ballistic protection, and enhanced mobility to deliver a robust solution that meets the demand of today’s challenging operational environments,” Shimonov stated.

Image Credit: Roshel Smart Armored Vehicles

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