Luxury Japanese Skincare : luxury Japanese skincare

ALBION, a pioneering luxury Japanese skincare brand, leverages proprietary ingredients and potent botanical extracts cultivated on their pesticide-free farms located at the base of the Shirakami mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Akita, Japan.

A standout product in its lineup is the Flora Drip, a nourishing yet lightweight skin essence. This upgraded toner features MYURAT™, ALBION’s exclusive blend of five handpicked herbs fermented with pure White Koji fungus. The use of Koji as a fermenting agent amplifies the benefits of the plant extracts, resulting in a more effective and transformative essence. Enriched with flavonoids, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, Flora Drip promises visibly uplifted, well-hydrated, and radiant skin.

Flora Drip’s benefits include improved skin firmness and elasticity, reduced dermal sagging, deep hydration, reduced fine lines, improved brightness, reduced roughness, and cleaned and closed pores. To use, apply Flora Drip to a cleansed face using a cotton pad, gently pressing and massaging the essence into the skin for enhanced absorption.

Image Credit: ALBION

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