Tranquil Island Wellness Retreats : sanya wellness retreat

Chinese design studio Neri&Hu created the Sanya Wellness Retreat hotel which is located on the Chinese island of Hainan. It features public spaces that are centered around a water courtyard in Haitang Bay. The retreat has two L-shaped buildings with upper levels clad with wood. In total, there are 343 guest rooms that are on top of a masonry base, which is also where the reception, dining hall, lobby, and even spaces are found. There are design elements that nod to Hainan’s culture and original characteristics.

The studio explains, “At every given opportunity the design tries to embody the genius loci of Hainan, to blend elements from the island’s collective memory, culture and natural features. The lobby becomes a garden landscape with a floating lantern hovering above that allows a gentle light to filter in, and with the soft breeze that flows through, guests are immediately transported to a relaxed state of mind for appreciating the slow pace of island life. At the same time, the ceilings here are lowered and suppressed in order to simultaneously frame views outward to the azure seas beyond.”

Image Credit: Neri&Hu

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