Innovation Fund announces two upcoming calls for proposals



Together, the calls will make up to €4.8 billion available for industry and clean tech players in Europe to support the objectives of the European Green Deal and the Net-Zero Industry Act.

Innovation Fund 2023 Call

IF23 Call will offer up to €4 billion for projects in various sectors, including decarbonisation The, clean tech manufacturing, maritime and energy-intensive industries. The application window will be open until early April 2024.

Innovation Fund 2023 Auction

The IF23 Auction is the first of its kind in Europe. It aims to support renewable hydrogen production. A €800 million budget will be available for bidders (project developers). Bids can be placed until early February 2024.

Next steps

The Commission and the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) are organising two dedicated info days to run potential applicants through the call text and application process. These events will also allow us to share lessons learned from previous calls and best practice examples.

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With a revenue of €40 billion from 2020 to 2030 from the EU ETS, the Innovation Fund aims to create financial incentives for companies and public authorities to invest in cutting-edge low-carbon technologies and support Europe’s transition to climate neutrality.

The Innovation Fund already secured about €6.5 billion for clean tech projects through its previous calls for proposals. Auctions (also called Competitive bidding) are a new support mechanism to foster faster and more cost-efficient support for the roll-out of low-carbon technologies.

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