Geologist predicts another powerful earthquake will hit Turkey soon


According to Prof. Ogun Ahmet Arkan, a renowned geophysicist from Turkey, there is an imminent threat of a powerful earthquake in the region.

While he cannot pinpoint the exact location, he suggests that it might occur in the Anatolia region of Turkey by spring. The tension in this area is steadily increasing, and if it reaches its peak, it could result in the rupture of the Earth’s crust, as reported by “Al-Arabiya.”

Prof. Arkan emphasizes that this earthquake could strike without warning, even if there have been no previous strong seismic activities in the region. He urges Turkish authorities to take precautionary measures to minimize the potential damage.

Earthquake likely to hit before spring

In an interview with Haber Global TV, he stated, “I believe that we are likely to witness an earthquake before spring, but its exact location remains uncertain. Unfortunately, the signs suggest a growing possibility, particularly in Anatolia.”

Earth’s crust will tear? (credit: INGIMAGE)

The thickness of the Earth’s crust in this at-risk region is approximately 43 km. As it currently stands, the upper crust is resisting rupture; however, should the pressure reach a critical point, a seismic event with a magnitude of around 7 on the Richter scale is anticipated.

Earthquake in Turkey (credit: REUTERS/Dilara Senkaya/File Photo)

It is crucial to note that a devastating earthquake struck southern Turkey in February of last year, claiming the lives of over 50,000 individuals. This serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences and the need for proactive measures to mitigate the impact of future seismic events.

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