Functional Hydration Beverages : Core Hydration

Core Hydration+ is a new vitamin-enhanced water with scientifically proven functional ingredients and real fruit extracts and essences that provide a hint of flavor. Available in three flavors, these bottles of water offer more than just hydration, they each have unique benefits that can help support wellness – immunity, hair/skin/nail health, and relaxation. All Core Hydration+ flavors have 0 calories, no sugar or sweeteners, come in a 100% recycled plastic bottle and just like all Core Hydration Bottles are BPA free.

Core Hydration+ Immunity helps supports a healthy immune system with Vitamin C and Zinc with a hint of taste from natural lemon extract. Core Hydration+ Vibrance, on the other hand, helps supports healthy skin, hair and nails with Biotin, Vitamin C and Zinc with a hint of taste from natural pink grapefruit extract. Core Hydration+ Calm is infused with L-theanine to help support relaxation with a clean cucumber taste from natural cucumber essence.

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