Exposed Concrete Framed Academies : simac

Danish design studios EFFEKT and CF Møller Architects join forces to complete the SIMAC, which stands for the Svendborg International Maritime Academy. It is located in Denmark along the North Quay harbour of the port city and the building is defined by the exposed concrete frame that is meant to echo its surroundings of industrial spaces. The resilient grid-like structure is made from concrete features with glass partitions.

Partner at CF Møller Architects, Mads Mandrup explains, “We set out with the desire to create an extremely raw and transparent grid structure, contextually adapted to its industrious setting while capable of staging the school’s workshop-based content. [It is] a scaffolding of spatial possibilities, centred around encouraging young people to encounter and exchange ideas through informal meetings, both within and out towards its surroundings, activating the whole harbour front of Svendborg.”

Image Credit: Rasmus Hjortsøj

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