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To bring the worlds of academia and esports together, Amazon University Esports has established an online metaverse initiative named ‘UNIVERSITY World.’ Users of the UNIVERSITY World metaverse can personalize their names, avatars, and utilize a selection of predetermined gestures and activities.

Esports, metaverse, and Web3 providers assert that metaverse experiences may help engage audiences—and consumers. As a result, Amazon can create a worldwide community for its users, who may interact via an integrated chat, earn points to play minigames for rewards, and participate in other in-game events.

“The use of metaverses will undoubtedly grow over the next few years as more industries begin to explore and invest in them, making them more accessible to more users. UNIVERSITY World aims to enhance the user experience for Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports students, and bridge the boundaries to explore new ways to interact and test new products in a virtual environment,” said Amazon University Esports in a statement.

Image Credit: Amazon University Esports

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