Wetsuit Rental Programs : wetsuit rental program

Outerwear brand Finisterre’s Yulex® Wetsuit Rental program introduces a novel and environmentally conscious approach to wetsuit accessibility, catering to a diverse range of sea enthusiasts—from beginners to more advanced surgery on holiday.

The process for Finisterre’s Yulex® Wetsuit Rental program is straightforward, with individuals selecting their optimal wetsuit silhouette, size, and rental dates, and filling out a rent form online. Once the rental period ends, returning the wetsuit is hassle-free. Individuals are asked to place the ger in a provided bag, affix the prepaid returns label, and send it back to Finisterre.

The complimentary delivery, comprehensive deep-clean, and money-back guarantee for unused wetsuits that Finisterre offers definitely contribute to the user-friendliness of the program. Moreover, should you form an attachment to the wetsuit during your rental period, you have the option to purchase it outright.

Image Credit: Finisterre

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