Eco-Conscious Skincare Products : Eco-Conscious Skincare Product

Yves Rocher introduces two exciting additions to its range of eco-conscious skincare products. Part of the botanical brand’s celebrated Monoï collection, the new formulas continue the line’s legacy of “transporting people to the beaches of Tahiti.”

The first eco-conscious skincare product launch includes eco-refills for the iconic Monoï Hair & Body Wash. Crafted from 90% certified OBP plastic that is sourced from coastal regions, these eco-refills reduce virgin plastic usage by 120 tons annually. The second release is the Monoï Body Milk. This product promises a luxurious experience enriched with pure Monoï of Tahiti. Its tropical fragrance and silky texture evoke visions of “sun-kissed island paradises,: providing an everyday escape to summer bliss.

Yves Rocher’s new launches will appeal to consumers for various reasons — from alignment with growing environmental concerns to deeply immersive sensorial experiences.

Image Credit: Yves Rocher

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