EASA hosts inaugural meeting of Member State Network on aviation decarbonisation


COLOGNE, November 16 – The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) hosted the inaugural meeting of the ReFuelEU Aviation Member States Network on November 16.

The Network will serve as a forum for exchange on implementation experiences, challenges, and promotion of best practices in the path of making aviation more environmentally friendly. It will focus on the technical implementation of ReFuelEU Aviation in the areas of reporting obligation cycles of aircraft operators, aviation fuel suppliers and EU airport managing bodies.  

This Network will co-exist with the European Commission informal Expert Group looking into the functioning and development of the internal market in sustainable aviation. That group also focuses on interpretation and application of EU legislation in this domain, as well as applicable policies and future policy developments.

“EASA is committed to ensuring that Member States have what they need to effectively implement ReFuelEU Aviation, a milestone policy to decarbonise aviation” said EASA Acting Executive Director Luc Tytgat. “This Network will play a key role in preventing shortcomings and fostering good cooperation towards the common goal of responding to societal expectations by making aviation sustainable and providing more environmentally friendly flights to passengers.”

The ReFuelEU Aviation Regulation was adopted in October 2023. It will contribute to ensuring an increasing supply and uptake of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF), reducing the environmental impact of aviation. EASA stands ready to play a key role in this, in particular by reporting by airlines and cargo operators, EU airports and fuel suppliers with the targets set for SAF usage. EASA is also working together with the European Commission to develop an environmental labelling scheme for aviation.

The members of this Network are the EU Member States, European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) and EASA. The Network is facilitated and managed by EASA also on behalf of DG MOVE.

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