Bezeq suffers no loss from war thus far


In a significant move that marks a pivotal moment in its global expansion, leading Israeli telecommunications company Pelephone has recently acquired Roamability, a company specializing in global eSIM-based roaming solutions within the cellular sector. This strategic acquisition represents Pelephone’s first foray into the international market, solidifying its position as a key player in the rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape.

At the heart of the acquisition is Roamability’s cutting-edge platform, which is designed to facilitate global eSIM-based roaming services for companies and organizations. Acting as an international switch, the platform boasts extensive roaming agreements, a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and a dynamic pricing structure. This infrastructure empowers any company to seamlessly connect and offer comprehensive end-to-end roaming services on a global scale.

With operations in both Israel and the United States, Roamability operates in two crucial capacities. The Israeli branch focuses on developing a platform that facilitates the trading of roaming agreements, while the US branch is dedicated to marketing packages using unique technological capabilities.

Customers can expect better roaming

For Pelephone, this acquisition is more than just a business move; it marks a transformation into a full-fledged roaming player. Pelephone’s recent acquisition of ‘Roamability’ represents a notable development for its customers, offering potential improvements in global connectivity.

The integration aims to streamline global roaming services, potentially providing users with a more seamless experience and broader network coverage worldwide. The advanced technology from ‘Roamability,’ particularly in the US, introduces new features, while a revised pricing system may lead to more competitive and cost-effective roaming packages. This integration seeks to enhance user experience with end-to-end roaming services.

For those utilizing Pelephone’s global eSIM, the acquisition promises a comprehensive solution for international connectivity. As Pelephone transitions into a full global roaming-services provider, the move reflects a commitment to delivering an upgraded mobile experience for its customers.

“We consider the acquisition of the company as a growth-engine which is a landmark in going global,” said CEO Ilan Siegel. “With this acquisition, Pelephone becomes a full roaming-services player in the global market.”

Israeli Telecom is fine so far

Pelephone’s acquisition during wartime is a definite plus for the company’s outlook as Q3 comes to a close. The company’s parent, Bezeq, told reporters earlier this week that despite an expected hit to Pelephone from lower roaming charges due to fewer foreign tourists, Chief Financial Officer Tobi Fischbein affirmed Bezeq’s commitment to its full-year estimates made in July. These estimates predicted a net profit of 1.32 billion shekels ($345 million) and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) of 3.8 billion shekels.

“We made an assessment of the impact of the war on our business, operations and financial results, and we reached the conclusion that there is no material impact,” Fischbein said.

Bezeq’s robust performance in Q3, with earnings reaching 357 million shekels (excluding one-time items) compared to 314 million shekels a year earlier, further underscores the company’s resilience and positive trajectory, especially in the face of challenging market conditions.

“The group’s strong liquidity and financial position allow us to function well during the war, without the need to raise capital or debt,” he added.

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