BrainBox AI unveils its Autonomous Decarbonisation suite for the commercial and retail real estate markets


The launch of BrainBox AI’s Autonomous Decarbonisation solution suite marks another milestone for the company as it continues to deliver solutions aiding the built environment in its fight against climate change.

This product suite was created as an end-to-end sustainability platform for commercial and retail real estate portfolio owners seeking an AI-driven emissions reduction solution to propel their decarbonisation journey.

BrainBox AI’s autonomous decarbonisation solution directly addresses the 38% of global greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted annually by commercial buildings by measuring, reducing, and offsetting them, thereby supporting building owners in their journeys to net zero and carbon neutrality. This technology uses deep learning, cloud computing and custom algorithms to empower building owners to drastically reduce their scope 1 and 2 emissions while decreasing energy costs.

“Your building is currently emitting 30% more GHG emissions than it should. That stat is scary but solvable,” comments Sam Ramadori, Chief Executive Officer at BrainBox AI. “Our new solution suite not only grants commercial and retail real estate owners the capability to measure their emissions, but autonomously implements optimisation strategies that can reduce emissions by up to 40%. Our award-winning AI technology pinpoints and addresses both operational and environmental inefficiencies in buildings in real time. We are excited to offer this turnkey solution that generates continuous positive impacts on carbon emissions for the industry at large.”

BrainBox AI’s 3-part Autonomous Decarbonisation suite launches a continuous AI-powered measurement and decarbonisation system that unlocks a building’s true potential for emission reductions;

Measure: Easily generate a full scope 1 & 2, audit grade GHG assessment powered by the building’s data and trusted emissions factors, enabling the identification of operational inefficiencies. In addition, our individual building analysis compares your building’s energy usage intensity (EUI) to other comparable buildings and demonstrates your energy and emissions reduction potential.

Reduce: Act and conquer one of the most energy consuming and inefficient operational components of your building by layering our autonomous AI-tech onto your existing heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. BrainBox AI learns, modulates, and optimises building HVAC systems resulting in a reduction of operational carbon emissions by up to 40% and a decrease in energy costs by up to 25%.

Offset: Access high quality carbon credits through a voluntary market. The virtual marketplace supports multiple types of options like carbon-capture technology, nature-based solutions, and renewable energy projects, giving clients the ability to make customised carbon credit purchases with key insights on the quality of the projects that are available.

While the deployment of each part of the suite can be done independently, adoption of the three maximises emissions reduction impact and enables the successful execution of a decarbonisation program.

“What we are hearing from our customers and the market is that measurement without action is not nearly enough to get us where we need to be,” said Omar Tabba, Chief Product Officer at BrainBox AI. “With this new product category, not only can we autonomously reduce carbon emissions using our AI technology, but we can also offer the tools to accurately and precisely measure where operational optimisation can take place and offer clients a solution to explore and take part in the voluntary carbon markets – all in one platform.”

Buildings are on the frontline of the climate change battle, and the commercial real estate and retail markets are in the hotseat. The market is ripe for a solution that can deliver emissions measurement as well as reduction, two components that are absolutely necessary to reach net-zero and carbon neutrality.

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