AI-Powered Waste-Sorting Practices : waste-sortng practice

Refiberd is quite literally revolutionizing traditional waste-sorting practices with the use of artificial intelligence and robotics. Currently, its technology is focused on textile-to-textile recycling.

Refiberd’s intelligent sorting model calls out the waste-sorting crisis. The brand references alarming statistics—”one truckload of textile waste is discarded each second,” “186 billion pounds of textile waste are discarded globally each year,” and more than 80% of this clothing waste goes to landfills. Refiberd’s waste-sorting practice relies on an AI-powered hyperspectral imaging system that can detect fiber composition and contaminant presence with accuracy. Designed as an automated solution, this technology can detect and remove buttons, zippers, and other trim elements from clothing so that the textile can be sent to the appropriate recycling facility. The brand believes its tech-driven waste-sorting practice “can divert up to 70% of textile waste.”

Image Credit: Refiberd

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