Barrel Vault-Topped Metro Stations : jahad metro plaza

KA Architecture Studio completes the Jahad Metro Place located in Tehran, which is joined with a ‘democratic open space’ by the station. This features a shelter of barrel-vaulted clusters. There were recent protest movements and the studio wanted to highlight the role of the mtro station as an open and public space for the community.

Architecture studio founder Mohammad Khavarian speaks about this to Dezeen, “For this reason, we thought that the primary need has changed from a simple entrance to a covered urban event space – a democratic open space. Our strategy in this project started with the definition of a roof with free and unobstructed entry to define the space below it all day and night. This roof creates the definition of the space below, and due to the harsh climate of Tehran in summer and winter, it provides a place to centralise the gathering of young people and wandering citizens around the city.”

Image Credit: KA Architecture Studio

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