Woman accidentally uses glue instead of eye drops


A woman from California accidentally applied glue to her eye for 3 seconds, narrowly avoiding permanent damage to her eyesight.

She shared her harrowing experience on TikTok, where her video quickly gained viral attention.

Jennifer Ebersole, a resident of Santa Rosa in her 20s, candidly recounted her ordeal in a video that garnered nearly 250,000 views. She admitted that she has earned the title of ” most foolish person on the planet.”

The eye drops and the 3-second glue were placed side by side, both identical in size, she said in her post. Ebersole mistakenly grabbed the wrong bottle, causing an eye infection.


Ebersole described the excruciating sensation, calling “truly unbearable.” She said it felt like her eye was ablaze, and instinctively, she shut it tightly. However, it was then that she realized the grave error she had made.

Glancing at the bottle, she discovered it was not the eye drops but the 3-second glue meant for her daughter’s artificial nails. She told herself, “This can’t be happening to me.”


Paramedics rushed her to the local hospital’s emergency room, where doctors administered numbing eye drops as the initial treatment to alleviate her pain and open her eye.

Ebersole suffered an injury and blurred vision, necessitating the closure of her eye until it healed. Reflecting on the incident, she admitted that her mistake was not placing the glue somewhere else. She said she remembered telling herself that she needed to move it, but, ironically, this incident happened first. 

In a later TikTok update, the mother revealed that her eye had since recovered, thanks to a visit to an ophthalmologist. 

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