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This week, Oscar winner Octavia Spencer had her official Hollywood Star ceremony.

The ceremony celebrates Hollywood superstars and is considered a prestigious and iconic honor for artists.

One of the people helping to induct Octavia was her Spirited costar, Will Ferrell. “What a beautiful day, we’re all here for Octavia,” he said.

Then suddenly, a heckler screamed, “A beautiful day to celebrate rich people!” and started clapping. Will and Octavia kinda seemed shocked at first.

“We come to this universe to celebrate rich people!” the heckler yelled again. “Look at all these rich people!”

That’s when Octavia went back and said, “Ok, honey. Not on my day, Satan!”

Will then yelled, “Not on Octavia’s day! Keep it moving!” And Octavia yelled and motioned for him to go down the street.

“The Wax Museum is down there! That thing is wide open,” Will yelled back.

The heckler kept inaudibly screaming, to which Will replied, “He’s got powerful lungs. He’s using his diaphragm.”

And the heckler KEPT going! Will yelled back loudly, “Louder, please. They can’t hear you in El Hombre!”

Will and Octavia eventually decided to ignore him, and Will ended his speech on a positive note. “Everyone here who has worked with Octavia knows this: She makes everyone better.”

You can watch the full heckling situation here.

“Not on Octavia’s day!” 😆 Will Ferrell came to the aid of Octavia Spencer when a heckler interrupted the Alabama native’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star ceremony.

Watch below, and details here: https://t.co/KnbBrxZsso

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