Who Said That?! Pusha T & Metro Boomin Vent About Fans Butchering Lyrics


Pusha T and Metro Boomin took to social media to share one important message: stop misquoting their songs!

Pusha T: ‘We Need To Have A Talk’

On Friday, Pusha T responded to a tweet that highlighted the success of his Almost Dry album. The project dropped back in April, and it featured big-name features like Kanye West, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Lil Uzi Vert, and Don Toliver.

In response to the shoutout, Pusha T proclaimed that his ranking would be higher if it weren’t for “so many incorrect lyric interpretations.”

“Appreciate the ranking…but so many incorrect lyric interpretations, we need to have a talk…understanding may push my ranking up.”

Metro Boomin Expresses Similar Sentiments

Mere hours ahead of Pusha T’s tweet, Metro Boomin spoke on the same subject.

He specifically went on a little rant about how some were misinterpreting lyrics from “Metro Spider,” as Young Thug rapping “Metro bought me a painting from Basel” was mistaken for “Metro bought me a pink-front bezel.”

Metro added that his frustration stemmed from spending “hours typing out the lyrics” just for people to still misinterpret them.

He went on to share another example of misheard lyrics from “Feel The Fiyaaaah.” While Takeoff rapped “No sleep, X out the Z’s,” this was mistaken for “ASAP disease.”

Finally, Metro Boomin added that, as a result of the confusion, “kids [are] out here making thousands of TikToks with the wrong lyrics.”

Nicki Minaj Has Long Spoken On The Matter By Blasting Genius

At this point, we should add that Nicki Minaj also addressed the subject of misquoted lyrics on social media throughout the years.

Back in 2018, she humorously cleared up words to her hook in “Chun-Li,” as many were getting them confused.

Even when we take it back further, we can see that Nicki isn’t shy about calling out incorrect Genius lyrics

What do you think about Pusha T, Metro Boomin, and Nicki Minaj’s comments about people messing up their song lyrics?

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