‘When you buy a bond, you build a bond with Israel’


Dani Naveh, president and CEO of Israel Bonds/Development Corporation for Israel, detailed the organization’s actions and advocacy on Israel’s behalf at the Jerusalem Post Conference in New York City on Monday.“When you buy a bond, you build a bond with Israel,” Naveh said.

Israel Bonds has raised more than $52 billion in worldwide sales for the State of Israel since its inception in 1951.Further, the company provides Israel with funds designated to assist every aspect of Israel’s economy, enabling developments in many fields, including infrastructure and the concept of becoming a Start-up Nation, according to Naveh.

“Every Israel Bonds investor is a partner in Israel’s great success story,” he said.

In regards to antisemitism and antagonists who oppose such investments through BDS, Naveh said, “It’s very simple: Support Israel, and if you already [do], increase your support. They demand divestment, but we say double down on your investment.”

“By making an investment in Israel Bonds,” he added, “you deliver the message that at this time of need, Israel is not alone. You provide funds to the US’s best ally in the Middle East, and you get a strong and steady return.”Naveh also highlighted that on Oct. 7, just hours after Hamas attacked, he initiated an emergency campaign that raised more than $1 billion of Israel Bond investments globally in just thirty days.

Moreover, since the war broke out, Israel Bonds has generated more than $3 billion in record-breaking worldwide investments, which is about 3 times more than its average annual sales.

Of that amount, $1.7 billion has come from states and municipalities in the United States that have invested in Israel Bonds.

Naveh pointed out that following the Oct. 7 massacre, there has been a surge in investments initiated by local governments in Israel Bonds, and noted that this has been a bipartisan move.

Additionally, many private and public bodies across America and around the world invest in Israel Bonds, including youngsters celebrating their bar or bat mitzvahs who gift their monetary presents to Israeli banks.

Notably, Israel has an excellent track record when it comes to paying back investors, Naveh said. The country has never defaulted on a single debt in its nearly 75 years of existence. It always paid the bond principals and interest on time.

The Jerusalem Post’s Editor-in-Chief Zvika Klein presented Mr. Naveh and Dr. Andrew M. Hutter, Israel Bonds National and International chairman of the board, with a special recognition award for their ongoing leadership and global economic support.

Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds (“DCI”) is a broker-dealer that sells Israel bonds. The content in this article was prepared by DCI and the Jerusalem Post as part of a paid advertising campaign for DCI. This is not an offering which can be made only by prospectus. Read the prospectus carefully before investing to fully evaluate the risks associated with investing in Israel Bonds. Member FINRA. 

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