What is the secret fruit behind great eye health?


There is fantastic news for those who aren’t fond of carrots – recent research from Singapore reveals that grapes can have a positive impact on your eye health. 

The new study focused on the consumption of antioxidant-rich foods and their direct effect on overall eye health, specifically measuring the presence of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) in the eyes. AGEs are harmful compounds linked to various eye diseases and result from sugar molecules binding to proteins, fatty acids, and DNA.

“Our study is the first to show that grape consumption has a positive effect on eye health in humans, and this is very exciting, especially for the aging population,” said Dr. Jung Eun Kim, the study’s author.  

A healthy life-style

The study, published in Food & Function, detailed an experiment involving 34 adults who consumed a cup and a half of grapes daily or a placebo snack for 16 consecutive weeks. The study was randomized and blinded, meaning neither the participants nor the researchers knew which group they belonged to.

The National University of Singapore research team discovered that the participants who consumed grapes experienced improved antioxidant capabilities and increased macular pigment in their retinas. 

Macular pigment plays a crucial role in protecting the eyes from harmful blue light. 

On the other hand, those who consumed the placebo snacks saw a significant increase in AGEs. The benefits of grapes extend beyond eye health, as they also aid in preventing sun damage to the skin and may even have cancer-fighting properties.


Dr. Kim concluded that incorporating grapes into one’s daily diet could be a healthy habit for maintaining good eyes over time. 

“Grapes are an easy and accessible fruit that the study has shown to have a beneficial effect,” she said.

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