Watch: Popular Israeli reporter’s avatar presents news in historic fir


Israel’s Foreign Minister Eli Cohen engaged in an unconventional interview on Thursday when he held a conversation with the avatar of esteemed Israeli journalist Amit Segal.

This innovation was introduced by ACT NEWS, a forward-thinking tech startup focusing on integrating artificial intelligence into global news mediums. This first-of-a-kind interview was orchestrated to commemorate the inauguration of the Paraguayan embassy in Jerusalem. Notably, the dialogue, which started in Hebrew, was seamlessly translated into Spanish and adjusted to emulate Segal’s distinct speech patterns, offering audiences an intriguing blend of familiarity and innovation.

Who are ACT NEWS and what do they do?

The minds behind this progressive news platform are former journalist and anchor Miri Michaeli and international strategic advisor Moshe Klughaft. Their joint venture, ACT NEWS, has recently garnered an investment, boosting its valuation to $7.5 million. With aspirations to launch a second round of funding, the enterprise is on a path that underscores a commitment to revolutionizing journalism through AI.

As the digital era forges ahead, the potential impact of such advancements on news delivery is profound. ACT NEWS stands at the forefront, visualizing a landscape where digital avatars not only mirror but also amplify the skills of human journalists. Leveraging these AI-driven entities, they anticipate that reporters will be able to focus more on in-depth investigations and rich storytelling.

Miri Michaeli and Moshe Klughaft. (credit: LIRAN MOR)

In a statement shared with The Jerusalem Post, ACT NEWS emphasized that “this is just the tip of the iceberg,” signaling their ambitious plans to reshape the future of journalism. The company is set on a global expansion, keenly scouting for talent to transform into avatars and collaborating with international presenters.

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