Watch: Israeli TV host breaks down in tears as massacre survivor sings


Tal Berman, a presenter on Channel 13 TV, recently hosted Yonatan, a survivor of the tragic massacre near Kibbutz Re’im, on his show. Yonatan courageously performed a song he had written, describing the harrowing experiences he faced while escaping the dreadful event. His poignant performance deeply moved Berman, leaving him tearful and momentarily speechless during the live broadcast.

Overwhelmed with emotion after thanking Yonatan and attempting to transition to discussing French President Emmanuel Macron, Berman found himself struggling to express his feelings. He paused, visibly choked up, and after several moments of effort, he regained a bit of composure. Reflecting on the gravity of Yonatan’s story, he asked, “How can one even begin to comprehend these stories? How is it possible?”

“You give me strength”

Yonatan acknowledged the challenge in articulating the unimaginable horrors he had endured. He admitted that words and illustrations fell short in depicting what he had seen. “What I saw with my own eyes is beyond comprehension. But we stand together,” he consoled Berman. Appreciating Yonatan’s resilience, Berman expressed his gratitude, remarking, “You give me strength in this moment.”

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